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We help businesses grow their authority by getting them featured on popular media publications.

There will always be a demand for high quality link-building. As such, HARO Liaison is looking for proven self-starters to join our journalist-pitching team.

You will given complete autonomy as to how and when to complete your tasks. FYI, HARO newsletters are sent out at 5.45am, 12.45pm and 4.45pm EST Monday – Friday.

In order to be considered, please address the following selection criteria, watch this training video, and fill out the attached form.

About This Role

For every DR25+ website, you will receive $5 per pitch you make on behalf of a client. That is, if you pitch 2 clients in the same email for a single HARO query, you will be paid 2* $5 = $10.

Across any given week, you can usually send 5 pitches per day * 5 days = 25 pitches per week @ $5 each, potentially earning $500 per month on pitches alone.

On top of this, for every link you are able to secure for a client, you will receive:

  • $50 for every referring domain with a DR-score between 25 and 49.
  • $85 for every referring domain with a DR-score of 50+.
  • $120 for every referring domain with a DR-score of 85+.
  • All amounts are expressed in USD.
  • You will be responsible for keeping track of the pitches you make so that we can pay you correctly.
  • Link wins will be paid out immediately.

Everything is through a manual process of:

  • Looking at journalist queries every day.
  • Identifying queries that you can respond to on behalf of a client(s).
  • Crafting a unique pitch that is eye-catching.

Yes. Client do not want a link from a website they already have as a referring domain. Therefore, to avoid duplication and wasting your time, you will be provided with a list of websites to avoid.

Our clients pay us when we can get them a referring domain with a DR of 25+. Therefore, if a link comes from a website with a DR of less than 25, we do not get paid for it and neither will you.

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